Tenuta Santa Giuliana


No production comes into life by chance,
And each product is the result of
An idea, a project, a challenge...

And of its author’s skill.

Tenuta Santa Giuliana

An idea comes into one’s mind, and it is immediately clear.

It looks like a rough sketch, with only a few lines and some colorful spots: it is vague but overall effective.

What if the idea at issue is: “produce wine”?

Then, just passion, ambition, and perhaps desire could make it real.

Maurizio Varini lives in Villa del Conte, in the boundless and rich plains that spread from Padova towards the North.

He loves wine and what he loves most are the red, Italian wines with strong personality.

Soon he became very fond of wines, and when he realized that his desire to be part of this particular world couldn’t be satisfied simply by drinking other people’s wine, the idea came into his mind:  produce wine on his own to share it in his own home… obtaining it from his own lands and making it as good as possible and, why not? “Redder” too!


Tenuta Santa Giuliana

As if you could give a red wine a… redder shade!

Difficult, isn’t it?
But an ambitious spirit tends innately to put him or herself to the test.

Accepting challenges, going beyond the limits, planning great projects: these are just a few abilities owned by those who grew up in Northeastern Italy and can’t help but create new businesses.

Più Rosso could either remain just an idea and become a common wine, or it could rather try to reach excellence.

In 2008 Tenuta Santa Giuliana is founded:
a 2286 sq.m. vineyard in a plot of undivided land;
24 rows of Merlot grapevines, 16 rows of Cabernet Sauvignon, 9 rows of Cabernet Franc and 9 rows of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.
And right below you’ll find the Caranto.

In the flattest lowland.

There is no point in denying that this is not a typical soil for grapevines.

And yet Più Rosso has won the challenge, proving since the very first grape harvest that it has what it takes to make it.

Tenuta Santa Giuliana

A businessman knows how to recognize other people’s professionalism as well as the team’s value. He or she knows that in a project it is necessary to build up each single phase, so that each part can meet the provided targets.

In the world of wine each vintage constitutes a project: the greater the number of variables, the greater the risk… only expertise, experience and good sense lead to success.

In order to make of Tenuta Santa Giuliana a real winery, the creators of the project had to be recognized: a winery can’t exist without an agronomist and an enologist.

An agronomist had to take care of the vineyard structure, in order to lead the plants to an ideal yield: it was immediately clear that it had to be a local person who knew his own lands better than anyone else.

Once they are produced, grapes have to be turned into wine and this process is a creation: for Più Rosso the author is crucial.

Tenuta Santa Giuliana relies on the agronomist Simone Pierazzo who takes care of the vineyard.

The sound grapes are hand-picked and transferred to the “Wine Circus” cellars owned by Roberto Cipresso, and there they are turned into wine.

Only few firm and resolute steps are needed, and Più Rosso… already starts to get its color!

Tenuta Santa Giuliana

Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc in little quantities, plus 10% of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso: to characterize, make it original, complete the classic Bordeaux blend.

Most of all, to distinguish!

Starting from the name… and to make clear, with a simple addition, the qualities which make it a wine with a unique personality.

Elegant and balanced.

The fruit gets softened and melted in the aroma of wood.
Structure is well perceptible, yet it is moderate and very pleasant.

This is the way things are now, but it is just the first vintage: Più Rosso has a whole life ahead of it… in every respect!!

This wine has been created so that it can evolve with the passing of time, combining a pleasant everyday consumption with interesting evolutionary possibilities.

Più Rosso 2010 is a Cuvèe de la Maison, obtained from industrial grape varieties with the exact percentages at disposal: but it was just a first trial.

The experimentation of different blending percentages will be tested in the next vintages, in order to enhance our vineyard's potential and determine its real character.
Until then, Più Rosso won’t cease to amaze you.