Technical File of the “Antica Tenuta Alighieri Serego” vineyard

Total productive surface in the year 2012: 22,861 m2 (grapevines planted in May 2008)

In 2013 the production of a new kind of cabernet franc grapevine which was planted in 2011, on a surface of 2,680 m2

Vine surface for each vineyard:

- merlot vineyard m2 10,145 (parcel in the south)

- cabernet sauvignon vineyard m2 5,955 (parcel in the north, east side)

- cabernet franc vineyard m2 3,484 (parcel in the north)

- refosco dal peduncolo rosso vineyard m2 3,277 (parcel in the north, west side)

- cabernet franc vineyard m2 2,689  planted in May 2011 (producing from 2013) south of the barn

Clones grafted in the vines:

merlot: rootstock K5BB, clones 181, 348, VCR1

cab sauvignon: rootstock 420, clones 338, 191, R5

cab franc: rootstock 420A, clones VCR10, 214, ISVFV4

refosco dal peduncolo rosso: rootstock 420A, clones ISV-F4T, VCR14

Implantation data:

Year of the implantation: 2008 – 2011

Density of the implantation: 4,200 plants for hectar

Type of breeding: guyot


First harvest: 2010; grapes produced: 40 hundred kilos

Second harvest: 2011; grapes produced: 72 hundred kilos

Third harvest: 2012 grapes produced: 100/105 hundred kilos (about 45

Practices in the field:

Cover phytosanitary treatments are performed, using systemics only when really needed and following the integrated technical defense lines chosen by the Regione Veneto.

No treatments based on nitrogen are performed.

Subsoiling of the ground is performed to facilitate water draining to the thin strata of caranto (local clay).

Manual agronomic work: brown pruning, pollarding, shoot pruning, trellis systems (only the tree clipping is mechanical) and thinning of the veraison.

Manual grape harvest.

The grapes are collected in 170 kilo bins, adding dry ice (about 2kilos for each quintal of grapes) and the mass is cooled on refrigerator trucks.