The DOC Riviera del Brenta


Villa del Conte falls within in the Protected Denomination of origin area called Riviera del Brenta.

Tenuta Santa Giuliana prefers not to use  the denomination: Più Rosso is classified as IGT Veneto, because the company strategy aims at stating the unique characteristics and quality of the wine independently form the denomination it belongs to.

The Riviera del Brenta environment holds well-defined characteristics that, once carefully analyzed, show the conditions which make Più Rosso the first great wine of the area.


This geographic area is characterized by the Brenta river; because of the river’s presence, much melted material settles down and forms the soil and the subsoil, that is due to the fact the river meanders along a very wide perimeter before it settles in well-defined riverbed.  Besides the Brenta’s action, there is the deep deposit of a pebbly alluvial layer, that can be linked to the melting of the alpine glaciers, on which a subtler layer has overlapped due to the water courses action.


The soils of the analyzed area originated in the late-glacial period and are formed by alluvial and fluvioglacial deposits, characterized by a great presence of a subtle grain size without unrefined material.


In these soils there is an important leaching occurrence and deposit in depth of carbonates (Caranto). In the south portion of the area there are fertile, medium subtle soils in which the more unrefined fraction of the soil texture (sand) is mainly present, and has a marine origin. This is connected to an ancient beach line which retreated and retrograded towards the current position due to pressure from the Brenta’s, Bacchiglione and Adige’s deposits.


On the whole, the climate of the analyzed plain portion is typically continental with cold winters and warm, but not dry, summers with a certain humidity level due to the water courses and the fact the sea is close, thus bringing breeze both during the day and night.


The variety base of the viticulture is composed of the Merlot and Cabernet varietals, minimally the Refosco dal peduncolo rosso: therefore, it is based on prestigious red varietals which adjust themselves very well to the soils of the territory. Restrained vigor, medium production level, color intensity and sugary gradation, are the features which identify the relationship varietal/Brenta’s environment.


The interaction among the different factors featuring the Riviera del Brenta area, from the climate to the soils (ranging from the sandy, the medium fertile mixture, to the “tough” clay soil) establishes different conditions which turn out to be ideal for the many varieties of red wine of the Riviera del Brenta, that feature clear color intensity and sugary gradation.


The balance between vegetative growth and fruiting, being noticeable in the clay soils, comes from the compactness of these soils that do not give an extreme vigor to the plants and are particularly suitable for the e production of red wines with a great personality.


In the sandy soils there are mainly white grapes, which take advantage from the fresh and deep soils thus obtaining wine with a good acidity.


The high temperatures, and the presence of rivers and water basins, allow a good vigor of the plants, protecting the bunches from the summer sunrays; the sea breeze that soften the climate during daytime and lower considerably the temperature at night, allow the grapes to enhance their scent, that you can perceive in the different varieties of wines of the Riviera del Brenta.