Wine Circus

Wine Circus is the place where the talent is expressed, and the result of the experience, travels and intuition of the winemaker everyone in the world longs for: Roberto Cipresso.

Maybe it is because he was born in Bassano del Grappa, not far from Villa del Conte, or more probably because of the great wines all over the world that bear his name: the fact remains that when a decision should be taken about who had to be committed with the production of Più Rosso, the services and competence of Wine Circus were a logic and encouraging choice!

In the Più Rosso project there are many factors: first of all the territory’s potential, but also the wine’s makings and its evolution through time; it would be very risky to build a cutting-edge wine cellar from scratch, and this would be possible only after a series of vintage tests.

Entrusting the production of the grapes to Wine Circus has allowed Tenuta Santa Giuliana to wait and judge, tasting Più Rosso from the very first grape harvest, thanks to the  accurate work performed by the most efficient experts of the sector.

Grape harvest dynamics

Grapes are hand-picked during the day, put into bins and maintained at low temperature with dry ice. Once sealed, the bins are put in refrigerator trucks and delivered within 12 hours to the Wine Circus cellars in Montalcino.

Wine Circus takes care of the vinification and refining process of Più Rosso.

CO2 benefits

The use of solid CO2 in the grape harvest, known as dry ice, allows the cooling of the grape bunches as they are transferred from the vineyard to the cellar, thus inhibiting the fermentation. CO2 is heavier in the air and, during the process, it settles down in the grabber thus protecting the grapes and avoiding any contact with the oxygen in the air. This technique allows a good flavor extraction thanks to the physical action performed on the grape peel by cold. The most of flavor is located in the grape peel, and this particular process allows a maximum extraction. Moreover, in order to perform the maceration process and optimize the flavor extraction, this technique involving the dry ice cooling is a very interesting alternative to more common methods. It is also possible to limit the use of SO2 and control the total acidity, yet preserving the color.