Più Rosso… and then

Più Rosso is an intuition that, since 2008 to this day has taken shape… and color: it is already a red wine with an interesting flavor profile which shows a remarkable refining potential.

Clear words on paper, which match up with a wine that is able to amaze and soon after to convince; it has been elected a champion in its original territory.

A wine like no one else in the area.

Unique, but is it intended to be left alone?

Maurizio Varini is cautious in planning a possible future for Tenuta Santa Giuliana.

When Più Rosso’s success will allow it, the main investment to face will be the building of the cellar.

The company selection, instead, will never move away from the typical grapes of the area, taking into consideration also those that don’t make wine anymore: a captivating idea might be their reinterpretation, to make modern wines out of them for a well-selected public, lovers of rare wine.

Make a white wine?

This should be the only reason able to push Santa Giuliana towards the close Euganean Hills, searching for extreme expressions of the volcanic soil which pleases the local red wine makers so much!

For now, the main expectation of Tenuta Santa Giuliana is the next vintage…