Simone Pierazzo

Simone Pierazzo got his degree in Agricultural Sciences in the year 2000.

His University education was wide-ranging, but in the years which followed the degree, Simone specialized in an educational path which took him to study the quality of viticulture and the management of a vineyard.

It’s not that Simone had chosen to deal with viticulture before hand, but in the wide range of possibilities and because of a fortunate chain of training courses, the field of the viticulture became more and more the object of his research.

From the experience at the C.e.c.a.t. in Castelfranco Veneto in 2002, to the collaboration with the “Montello and Colli Asolani” consortium for the protection of wines in the years 2003 and 2004, to the role of regional director and technical inspector he has covered since 2006 at the Control and Certification Body for Biological Agriculture “Suolo e Salute”, Simone Pierazzo’s CV grew with experiences aimed at testing the environmental sustainability of the agronomic techniques used in the vineyards.

Where does this personal trust Simone has for biological products come from?

his trust lies in the awareness that the agricultural ecosystem can be managed by Man with a low impact, and with a knowledgeable and balanced use of phytosanitary treatments and techniques. Preferably, these shall be used with planning and cultivation practices so as to reduce the presence of residuals of the synthesis in the final food products.

In case we have given you the impression that vineyards can be compared to any other agricultural cultivation, Simone will display any doubts, admitting that working in the Più Rosso project since its beginning has been way more than ordinary administration!

Starting from the choice of the vine, to the definition of the clones to be implanted, to the performing cultivation practices, Simone’s work aims to the obtainment of grapes which are not only healthy and mature, but which also have the characteristics necessary to the production of a great Bordeaux blend.

It’s been some kind of challenge to himself, year after year: looking for the soul of wine right from the vineyard… knowing that at least 12 months would be needed every year before he could meet it. Considering that the best productivity of a vineyard is between 5 and 25 years, calculate how many details sum up to create the relationship between the agricultural economist and the vineyard!

Più Rosso is the best expression of the grapes that Simore Pierazzo grows in the vineyard in the Antica Tenuta Alighieri Serego with passion, experience and critical sense.