Maurizio Varini


If Maurizio Varini had to spend only ten words to describe himself, he would say he is a business man for life and a man who is strongly bound to his own lands.


Not necessarily a man of few words, rather a person with effective and clear ideas for sure, Maurizio has always been a businessman. After his diploma in surveying, aged 22, he run his first business with 15 employees as staffs.


It comes natural to think “on those years it was easier to run a business”.


Maurizio thinks all years are difficult: what makes a difference is the subject’s determination and a strong will… and a bit of luck, he won’t deny that!


“What makes a man to become businessman, then?” you might be wondering.


“The desire to be independent when taking a decision, an innate need of freedom to which one cannot renounce, and that can only be expressed through an independent job, one that makes your intuitions and talent stand out” is Maurizio’s self-confident answer; with a similar confidence he now runs New Service, a company specialized in clothing logistics and restoration of the most important national and international brands, based in Tombolo, successful production hub of the Alta Padovana area.


Despite the fact Maurizio’s attitude is very open-minded, he cannot imagine living far from his homeland. He is bound to it through a strong and indissoluble ancestral bond, which is the same he feels for his family.


“Everything revolves around family, at any age. When you are young as you collect anything your family has been building for you, and when you are adult because anything you build is meant to be transmitted to your children” ponders Maurizio with the typical handiness of people coming from the Veneto region.


Tight-knit and close families like the Varini family rely on strong values: ancient and traditional values which adjust themselves to modern life, always grounding on love and respect for the earth, because it never betrays and it always passes on values through time.


Wine is just that, according to Maurizio Varini; the plant’s expression and, consequently, the earth’s expression through the passing of time.


Being aware of the need to transmit a real passion to his children,  Maurizio Varini chose to commit the earth with this task.


In 2008, by the wish of a businessman for life and a man who is strongly bound to his own lands, Più Rosso was born.